Pahawang Island is divided into two parts. Namely, Big Pahawang Island and Small Pahawang Island. Big Pahawang’s area is approximately 1000 hectares and inhabited by a thousand heads of households. In this place, there are public facilities such as schools and health clinics. While, Small Pahawang Island area is only about 13 hectares. In Small Pahawang, there is a natural sand bridge called Tanjung Putus. We can see Tanjung Putus during the low tide. Tanjung Putus is also one of the favourite dive spots for the visitors that coming to Pahawang Island.

Pahawang Islands can be reached from the Bukit Randu Hotel within 2 hours driving to Ketapang Port, then continue by boat for about 30 minutes. The Pahawang Islands has a lot of potential beauty scenery, the green trees hills, white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water that will give refreshment. The place is so suitable for swimming or snorkeling, which provide the coral reefs, various marine biota, and many good spots especially “Nemo Park” . Nemo Park is a very famous spot for snorkeling on Pahawang Island where many clownfish. Furthermore, you can enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna in Mangrove Forest surrounding the Pahawang Islands.

Participants who are interested in joining this tour will be asked to register during the meeting. Excursion fee is 40 USD.

SEAAN 2018

"Southeast Asia Astronomy Network"