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Thurday, 18 October 2018 Arrival and check-in 
Check-in start from 14:00 at hotel lobby 
Venue: Bukit Randu Hotel, Jl. Kamboja No 1-2 A, Kebon Jeruk Kota Bandar Lampung, Lampung 35125
Evening: Welcome Dinner by Provincial Government of Lampung
DAY 1 Venue: Meeting Hall, Bukit Randu Hotel
Friday, 19 October 2018
   07:00-07:40 Visit to Institut Teknologi Sumtera (ITERA) hall
07:40-08:00   Registration 
08:00-09:00 Opening Ceremony
08:00-08:05 Opening  by MC
08:05-08:15 Traditional Dance (UKM ITERA)
08:15-08:30 Welcome Speech by LOC Chair
08:30-08:40 Welcome address by Chairman of SEAAN
08:40-08:55 Welcome Speech by Rector ITERA
08:55-09:00 Photo Session
09:00-09.45 Visit to Meeting Hall Bukit Randu Hotel
09:45-10:00 Tea/Coffee Break
10:00-10:45 Keynote Speeches, Chair: Hakim L. Malasan
10:00-10:40 Keynote 1 : Osamu Hashimoto,"Twenty years of the Gunma Astronomical Observatory - experimental trials of how to use a 1.5-m telescope at a public observatory"
10:40-11:10  Invited 1 : Boonrucksar Soonthorntum, " Roles of SEAAN for Inter-Regional Collaborations".
11:10-11:40  Invited 2 : Shengbang Qian," Follow-Up Observation and Investigation of Special LAMOST targets with the Telescopes in SEAAN".
11:40-11:45 Photo Session
11:45-13:00 Lunch and Friday Prayer 
13:00-17:00 Session 1 : Contributed Speeches
Room Number Room 1 Room 2
Topic 1 Optical Astronomy, Chair : Kassim Theoretical Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chair : Yang
13:00-13:15 O1-1:  Ngeow (Taiwan) Introducing the Zwicky Transient Facility and the Be Star Variability Program: A Progress Report at the National Central University O2-1: Mulki (Indonesia)  Cosmological Power Spectra of Coupled Scalar Field Dark Energy
13:15-13:30 O1-2: Sekiguchi (Japan) Time Domain Astronomy with the OISTER Collaboration O2-2: Yusof (Malaysia)  Evolution of Pair Instability Supernova Progenitor
13:30-13:45 O1-3: Puspitarini (Indonesia) Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the High Resolution GAOES Data O2-3: Yasrina (Indonesia) Equation of The Dynamics of The Neutron Star Magnetic Field which Rotates Rapidly and Accretes in The ZAMO(Zero Angular Momentum Observers) Framework
13:45-14:00 O1-4:  Putra (Indonesia) Spectrosopic Study of Be star Beta Lyrae O2-4: Putri (Indonesia) Study of Galaxy Clusters as Standard Bucket Using Chandra X-Ray Satellite Data 
14:00-14:15 O1-5: Bumbungan (Indonesia) Two 0.5-m Robotic Telescopes for Timau National Observatory in Eastern Indonesia O2-5: Wildan Hidayat (Indonesia) Identification of Warp and Flare Milky Way’s Disk in The Third Galactic Quadrant
Topic 2 Solar Physics and Neutrino, Chair : Celebre Radio Astronomy, Chair : Diep
14:15-14:30 O1-6: Nurzaman (Indonesia)  Photospheric Vector Magnetic Field Parameters as A Predictor of Major Solar Flares O2-6:  Arifyanto (Indonesia) Cosmic Evolution of Nearby Radio Active Galactic Nuclei
14:30-14:45 O1-7: Pratiwi (Indonesia) Atmospheric drag force on LAPAN-TUBSAT satellite during geomagnetic storm 2015  O2-7: Masong (Philippines)  Site Location Study for Radio Astronomy Observatory using RFI Mapping and GIS Technique in the Philippines 
14:45-15:00 O1-8:  Placida Emas (Indonesia)  Constraints of Total Mass and Mass Hierarchy of Neutrinos from Cosmological Observations with Bayesian Analysis O2-8: Abidin (Malaysia) Current Status of Radio Astronomy Research in University of Malaya and the 7-m UPSI-UM radio telescope
15:00-15:15 Tea/Coffee Break
Poster Session Poster Session, Chairs: Soonthorntum, Oeurn
Topic  Theoretical Astronomy and Astrophysics 
15:15-15:18 P1-1: Abanto (Philippines) On Astrophysical Consequences of a Generalized  't Hooft-Nobbenhuis Complex Transformation
15:18-15:21 P1-2: Ikhsan (Indonesia) Mass determination of open clusters using kinematics data
15:21-15:24 P1-3: Daas (India)
15:24-15:27 P1-4:  Arif Hidayat (Indonesia) An Application of The Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Method to Open Cluster Membership Determination
Topic Optical Astronomy 
15:27-15:30 P1-5:  Admiranto (Indonesia) Preliminary Report of Light Pollution in Indonesia Based on Sky Quality Observation
15:30-15:33 P1-6: Adhyaqsa (Indonesia) Optical Spectroscopy of Novae ASASSN-17hx and V5668 Sgr at Bosscha Observatory
15:33-15:36 P1-7: Annisa (Indonesia) Analysis of the Existence of Two Populations on Galactic Stellar Halo 
15:36-15:40 P1-8: Imaduddin (Indonesia) Digitization of The Wide-Field Photographic Plate Archives
at Bosscha Observatory
16:00-18:00  SEAAN business Session (Country Reports), Chairs: Boonrucksaar Soonthorntum & Hakim L. Malasan
19:00-21:00 Conference Dinner/Cultural Night
DAY 2 Venue: Meeting Hall, Bukit Randu Hotel
Saturday, 20 October 2018
07:00-07:30 Registration
07:30-12:00  Keynote Speeches, Chair: Boonrucksaar Soonthorntum
07:30-08:00 Keynote 2: Bambang Hidayat," Science as a Culture Element".
08:00-08:30 Invited 3: Thomas Djamaluddin," Progress and Current Status of Mt Timau National Observatory".
08:30-09:00 Invited 4: Paul Ho," The Development and Current Status of East Asian Observatories".
09:00-09:05 Photo Session
09:05-09:20 Tea/Coffee Break
09:20-12:00 Session 2 : Contributed Speeches
Room Number Room 1 Room 2
Topic Space Science Education Interdiscipline (Earth and Disaster), Chair :  Kassim Interdiciplinary Topics Related to Earth and Planetary Sciences, Chair :  Yang
09:20-09:35 O3-1: Kunjaya (Indonesia) Possibility of Astronomical Phenomena to be Used to Support Tourism Industry  O4-1: Prastyo (Indonesia) Spatial Analysis of Light Pollution Dynamics Around Bosscha Observatory and Timau National Observatory Based on VIIRS-DNB Satellite Images
09:35-09:50 O3-2: Putro (Indonesia) Internet of Things (IoT) For Galactic Cosmic Rays Application Over Astronomical Observatory in Near Future: A Review Study O4-2: Rezky (Indonesia) Pattern Recognition as Tools for Understanding the Night Sky Brightness Variabilities 
Topic Optical Astronomy, Chair : Myint  
09:50-10:05 O3-3: Fujiwara (Japan) Seasonal variation of radial brightness contrast of Saturn’s rings viewed in mid-infrared by Subaru/COMICS O4-3: Harbowo (Indonesia) Interpretation of Global Sea Level Changes based on Paleobiogeography of Genus Trochus in Sunda Shelf, Post Last Glacial Maximum (21 Kya)
    Theoretical Astronomy and Astrophysics, Chair : Diep
10:05-10:20 O3-4: Irawati (Thailand) The Fast and the Furious: Flare observation from the Thai National Observatory O4-4: Khairunnisa (Indonesia) Correlation of ultraluminous x-ray sources (ULXs) and star formation rate (SFR) of their host galaxies
10:20-10:35 O3-5: Danarianto (Indonesia) The Robotic Telescope System for GRB Optical Follow-up in Timau Observatory O4-5: Istiqomah (Indonesia) Diffuse Interstellar Bands as a tracer of warp in the Third Galactic Quadrant
10:35-10:50 O3-6: Albanna (Indonesia) Radial Fourier transforms in exoplanetary imaging
and potential uses at Timau National Observatory
O4-6: Darma (Indonesia) The Formation of Binary Star Cluster in Our Galaxy from Fractal Distribution
10:50-11:05 O3-7: Syarifudin (Indonesia) Applying Deep Neural Networks for measuring Photometric Redshifts from Galaxy images: Preliminary study O4-7: Puspitaningrum (Indonesia) Photoionization Modelling of the Wolf-Rayet Central Star of Planetary Nebulae IC 4663 Based On Multiwavelength Observations
11:05-11:20 O3-8: Amalina (Indonesia) Search for Blue Straggler Stars in Open Clusters from the VVV Survey O4-8 : Tanakul (Thailand) Stellar populations in the Local Group
Poster Session Poster Session, Chairs: Malasan, Celebre
Topic Interdiciplinary Topics Related to Earth and Planetary Sciences 
11:20-11:23 P2-1: Pramudya (Indonesia) Preliminary Study on Relation Between Temperature, Humidity and Night Sky Brightness in Yogyakarta
11:23-11:26 P2-2: Raisal (Indonesia) The Influence of 28th of July 2018 Lunar Eclipse on Night Sky Brightness at Observatorium Ilmu Falak Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
11:26-11:29 P2-3: Muztaba (Indonesia) Zenithal sky glow measurement in Bandar Lampung as consideration in drafting the regulation of light pollution-free areas around the ITERA Astronomical Observatory (IAO)
11:29-11:32 P2-4: Sukma (Indonesia) Night sky brightness Measurement during the March 2018 Earth Hour  in Yogyakarta
11:32-11:35 P2-5: Damanhuri (Indonesia): The Data of Sky Brightness Observation of Depok City from March 2017 to February 2018 Using Sky Quality Meter (SQM)
Topic Solar Physics and Neutrino 
11:35-11:38 P2-6: Dani (Indonesia) Prediction of Maximum Amplitude of Solar Cycle 25 using Machine Learning
11:38-11:41 P2-7: Permata (Indonesia) The Measurement of Solar Differential Rotation from Proper Motion of Individual Sunspots
11:41-13:00 Lunch 
13:00-17:30  IAO (OAIL) Groundbreaking Ceremony
13:00-14:00  Visit to IAO (OAIL)
14:00-14:20 Welcome speech at OAIL Center by Government Province/Balitbangda
14:20-14:40 Welcome speech at OAIL Center by Lampung Governor
14:40-15:00 Welcome speech at OAIL Center by Rector of ITERA
15:00-15:20 MoU Signing NARIT  - ITERA, Univ of New Era, Philippines - ITERA, University Mandalay - ITERA
15:20-15:40 Inscription signing by SEAAN delegates
15:40-16:00 Press Conference
16:00-18:00  Back to the Hotel
19:00-22:00  Open Session
Sunday, 21 October 2018    
                                                           Excursion/free day and departure
Time:  Full day 
Program:  One day trip to Dekrasnasda & Pahawang Island
*The above times are Lampung Times

SEAAN 2018

"Southeast Asia Astronomy Network"