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Lampung Province located in the southern tip of the Island of Sumatera, bordered by Provinces of Bengkulu and South Sumatera. Lampung is original home of the Lampung’s people (well known as Ulun Lappung) who speaks their local language and has their own script.

Bandar Lampung is the capital and a major economic city in Province of Lampung on the southern part Sumatera Island, Indonesia. You will see Siger Tower and Adipura Monument when you arrived in Lampung. Lampung has multitude experiences of life, new sensations to feel traditional culture. You can visit Lampung Museum, Al-Furqon Mosque, Pura Kerti Bhuana, Vihara Thay Thin Bio, etc to learn more about Lampung which is also reflected on city’s daily life.

Adipura Monument

Adipura Monument is also called as Elephant Monument, located at the heart of Bandar Lampung.

Siger Tower

Siger Town is the zero point place in Southern Sumatra. It can be seen clearly when entering the Bakauheni Port and it becomes the characteristic of lampung province gate. “Siger” is a name of the traditional customary hat for bride in Lampung culture. Siger Tower is in the form of crown-shaped building consists of nine series symbolizes the nine kinds of languages in Lampung. Siger’s colours are yellow and red, representing the golden colour of the bride’s traditional hat. The building is also decorated with tapis and traditional cloth from Lampung.

Lampung Museum

Lampung Museum, the most significant building that indicates Lampung characteristic and becomes the only museum in Lampung Province. With distinct architectural style, the museum is a path to retrace the past through an extensive display of prehistoric artifacts, cultural relics as well as the flora and fauna which are typically found in Lampung.

Al-Furqon Mosque

Al-Furqon is The biggest mosque in Bandar Lampung, located in the centre of the city.

Pura Kerti Bhuana

Established as the centre of Hindu in Lampung, Pura Kahyangan Jagat Kerti Bhuana is a temple that is revered and maintained by all Hindus in the Province of Lampung.

Vihara Thay Hin Bio

The largest and oldest Mahayana Buddhist temple in Bandar Lampung, stands strong as witness to the history of Chinese civilization in Teluk Betung.

Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Beach, truly describes the atmosphere. The enticing white sand refreshes the eyes and feeds the soul with the burning energy to explore. Only 20 kilometers away from Bandar Lampung, this spot has gained more and more popular these days.

Kiluan Bay

The second best option in the world to see wild dolphin, after Tangalooma Moreton Island in Australia. Kiluan Bay has many functions such as a migration path for two species of Dolphins; the Bottle-nose dolphin and the Spinner dolphin. The number of these amazing marine creatures that pass through the bay is estimated in the thousands, one of the largest number of migrating dolphins in the world. Beaches around the bay are also nesting grounds for two species of sea turtle; the green sea turtle and the hawksbill turtle.

Way Kambas National Park

A large national park covering 1,300 square kilometres, consists of swamp forest and lowland rain forest. Formally declared as ASEAN Heritage Park in 2016, it’s a home for few critically endagered species such as Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and Sumatran rhinoceroes.

Lembah Hijau Park

An all-in-one center spot for education, recreation, and entertainment located near Bandar Lampung that rose since 2006 as one of many favorite recreation place in Lampung. A place that has vast range of facilities included a waterpark, soccer field, outbound activities, mini-train, fishing arena, ATV grounds, paintball and airsoft, a haunted house, 4-D theater, and much more.

Pisang Island

One of the famous holiday spots in Lampung is Pisang island, located in western Lampung district with travel time from lampung city about 7 hours using motorbike. The tour in the Pisang Island is very interesting. The Pisang Island has a lot of potential beauty spots such as white sand beach, crystal clear sea water and big waves, it’s so suitable for surfing, and viewing the sunrise and sunset.This place is also the best choice for fishing where you can find many big fishes.

Lake Ranau

Ranau lake is one of the best tourism places in Lampung, located on the border of West Lampung (Lampung Province) and South Ogan Komering Ulu Regency (South Sumatera Province) . The scenery expanses of green rice fields combined with blue water in Ranau Lake where variuos types of fish swim.

The scenery of the mountain and the water is cool and beautiful. There is also a hot water bath that will make your refreshment.


Suoh is one of the tourist attraction for lovers of nature located in the West Lampung province of western Lampung. Suoh has the characteristics of its tourist attraction from various tourism places in Lampung. So, it can give a different impression when you passed hills. Moreover there are also many beautiful natural places such as Oil Lake whose water is like oil, savana hills, Acid Lake, Yellow Sand, Ceramics, Geothermal resources, Belibis Lake and waterfalls that will make you comfort in Suoh and do not go home.

Archaeological Park

Pugung Raharjo is the name of an archeological site located in the regency of South Lampung. The site is situated approximately 50 Km from Bandar Lampung. The site boasts substantial megalithic and prehistoric remains dating from the 12th to 16th century AD. The site was uncovered in the 1950s when transmigrants from Java and Bali moved into the area and started to clear the jungle. The site is now preserved as a national monument.

Curup Seven Waterfall

Curup Seven Waterfall, located in a protected forest in the area of Marga Jaya Village, Padang Ratu District, Central Lampung. Waterfall is another term to refer to Niagara. Naming “Curup Seven” was taken from the waterfall whose seven levels, with a total of 75 meters. Trip to The Seven Waterfall towards nature is very appropriate to be enjoyed for those who are bored with the congestion and hustle of the city. Nature tourism will present many beautiful panoramas.

Curup Seven Waterfall , Located at 32 km or about 2 hours drive from the capital district of central lampung , Gunung Sugih, or about 135 km from Radin Inten II airport. After that you can rent a bike trail to be up in Niagara Curup Seven Waterfall and down hills on protected forest area. You can see in front of your eyes the beauty of Niagara Waterfall. Your tiredness and fatigue when you were travelling will soon dissapear, and replaced with amazing at the sight of the beauty of Niagara Waterfall. The air was refreshing and clear water gurgling makes refreshing your mind. More interesting, you can catch fish with a spear. If you want more time in the area of Curup Seven Waterfall, there has been provided in the form of faciities at the camp site and nature activities sharing.

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